Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Just after the CaRILLO event done and dusted, Jane Secker from LSE and I got confirmation that our bid for a Phase 2 HEA OER project had been accepted!

The aim of our project, DELILA (Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacies
for Accreditation) is to embed digital and information literacy learning material in to HEA accredited teacher training. Here at Birmingham a central unit run our PG Cert HE course and after discussion with the director, we knew that we had a plan to embed our existing IL resources in to the course. The project steering group, made up of staff from both Birmingham and LSE, will be meeting at the end of September in London to discuss the project plan and work schedules.

I'm really excited at being involved and with the prospect of working closely with Jane and her colleagues at LSE.

I will keep the blog up to date with information about the project as we progress. There should also be some further information on the HEA website fairly soon.

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