Friday, June 06, 2008

ReJiG: BRUM part two?

Even though the BRUM project was completed last year, we're still receiving requests to share our experience of developing RLOs for information literacy from interested practitioners and I have started another project which is almost a BRUM part two: Return of the Killer BRUM!

ReJiG (Repurposing from Jorum into GEL) is an internally funded project with money from our generous alumni through the University of Birmingham Fund scheme. Along with a colleague from our Learning Development Unit, Rachel Wood, this project aims to repurpose learning material from Jorum to fill gaps in our Guide to Effective Learning (GEL) web site. The GEL site contains a host of study skills material, most of which is available to anyone accessing the site.

One of the reasons behind the project, and this is where it partly follows on from BRUM, is to further engage academics and support staff in reusing and repurposing learning materials. We're hoping that along with lots of repurposed content we will also develop a flowchart/checklist/process map for anyone wanting to reuse material from Jorum. We have tried to encourage use of Jorum (and the wealth of guidance provided on the site) within our institution but most of the academics that we've spoken to would like a bit more direction and reassurance about the process of repurposing.

So far we have audited the GEL site and identified gaps in provision. So, we now know we need to focus on material for numeracy, critical and analytical thinking and research skills. I recently undertook an audit of the Jorum repository to find appropriate materials and came up with a long list of possibles.

Rachel and I will now look to identify about 10 learning objects from my initial list to repurpose for use on the GEL site and spend the next month or so getting our hands dirty and repurposing the material.

I'll post further information as the project progresses but if anyone out there is undertaking anything similar please do get in touch.