Monday, January 08, 2007


Picture: Main Library, University of Birmingham

In order to manage the BRUM project, we’ve used the full Prince 2 project management methodology. I initially thought this was over the top for a small-scale project, but in fact this has proved exceptionally useful in a number of ways:

– As part of our Project initiation document we set clear milestones, and have to report monthly against these. This ensures a real focus on what needs to be done.

Communications plan – We all think we publicise our projects and developments, but are we communicating to the right people at the right time? This clear communications plan, ensures that we communicate to all stakeholders in a systematic manner.

Issue, Risk and Assumption Log – Extremely useful for articulating what might go wrong and planning contingenices.

Information Services (University of Birmingham) now use PRINCE 2 and PRINCE Lite to manage all of their projects (currently over 100). A Project Office has been set up to oversee this, and have been extremely supportive and helpful - thanks especially to Rea Shahein and Vicky Holmes