Friday, November 03, 2006

Eduserv Projects

As you're probably aware The Eduserv Foundation are the kind funders for our BRUM project. Interesting to see the 3 other projects they are funding - the 'national information literacy framework' project being run by Glasgow Caledonian sounds particularly useful.

Eduserv Foundation Information Literacy Projects

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First RLO feedback

We finally had our first use of an RLO in a face to face training session. I supported a colleague during an induction talk and used the Search Strategy Quiz on Turning Point software. We'd spent time setting up the software on a laptop and had booked support from our hardware team. Unfortunately our 'techy' wasn't able to get the quiz handsets to work so I had to make do with the old fashioned show-of-hands.

However, despite the technical problems the students filled in our questionnaire to measure impact of the quiz and the feedback was positive.

We are currently tackling the technical issues and hope to use the Turning Point soft/hardware again next week with another set of students. We'll report back on the outcome.