Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SOLSTICE Seminar: Creating and Sharing Digital Content

SOLSTICE Seminar Series:
Creating and Sharing Digital Content: Promises and Pitfalls
Thursday 16th July, 10am - 3.45pm
Venue: Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
Creating the conditions for institutions to develop high quality content for use, reuse and open sharing is high on the agenda for UK Policy and funding bodies.
New institutional practices are required to support environments to mainstream and sustain use, reuse and open sharing of digital content.
Individual practitioners must also aquire new skills and strategies to realise the potential of open educational resources (OER).
This seminar will bring together who are currently working through all or some of these issues.
Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies Group at Oxford University. Melissa is heading up the Open Spires Project funded under the recent JISC OER Call Open Spires focuses on supporting strategic institutional learning and encouraging cultural change.
The RLO CETL was established in 2005 and will be making all of its content freely available in the new Open Jorum.

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