Thursday, March 29, 2007


Just got back from another excellent LILAC (Information Literacy) conference, at which we presented the findings of our BRUM project. Around 50 people attended and there was a lot of interest in whether academics had re-purposed our RLOs, how easy it is to repurpose things like Captivate demos, and the relation of RLOs vis-à-vis other information literacy activities. We will also be looking into whether our digital recordings can be put on to You Tube. Watch this space!

I’ll post some more about the conference and our findings soon; and am inspired to develop my interest in Web 2.0 further - I've even set up a new blog: Web 2 at BU


MrCovCity said...

Lilac sounds yum! You've been very busy - keep up the good work. And keep repurposing the RLOs too. My only worry is, what makes a LO reusable?! Can it be reusable without being repurposed?

Reusable's nearly an anagram of "pleasure".

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