Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Librarian’s Top 3 RLOs

Picture: University of Birmingham - Main Library, the hub of RLO creation and evaluation!

Following on from Nancy’s post about the excellent feedback we had from our librarian colleagues, we have now received further useful evaluations, which will inform the future development of the RLOs and their use at the University. I thought it would also be interesting to poll colleagues for their ‘top 3’ RLOs. Although based on a small sample (currently of 4), the current combined view is:

1) Digital Recording - Library Tour
2) Turning Point (personal response system) - Referencing
3) Podcast – elibrary

Overall there was a very wide range of interest in the different RLOs, and comments indicated that people imagined using them in very different ways.
What are your Top 3? (RLOs available from the BRUM RLOs for download link)
And how do you use them?

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Beth Gwinnett said...

I was one of the 'librarian colleagues' providing feedback on your RLOs. The digital recording of the library tour was definitely my favourite- I thought it was excellent! Voice-over was clear and comprehensive and the images added extra interest and information. I liked the use of summaries at the end of each section. Having a demo of the Library Catalogue gave ‘extra value’. It may be worth having this Digital Recording available as it stands, but then also split into the relevant sections so just parts of it can be used, if this is preferred.