Tuesday, October 10, 2006


MERLOT - Multi-media Educational Resources for teaching and learning

MERLOT is an excellent repository of re-usable learning objects. (RLOs). All of the RLOs are peer-reviewed and created specifically for HE. Although US-biased in content, all of the resources are really well designed, interactive and visually appealing.

It is well worth registering and browsing your subject area, or searching for specific topics, and you can save interesting objects to your own personal collection.

In relation to Information Skills there are some excellent materials on search strategies and using the internet – and ultimately these are the benchmark to which we aspire! (Dream on!)


Askinstoo said...
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Nancy G said...

You can also set up RSS feeds to keep up to date with the latest RLOs in your subject area. Unfortunately I tried to get RSS feeds for Information skills but the XML code had an error!