Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Demo to academics

Yesterday afternoon we welcomed five academics from four Schools to demonstrate our RLOs to them and to discuss the idea of using RLOs for information skills training. It went pretty well, there were no technological problems (thanks Debbie!) and they were all positive about the RLOs.

They were very interested in software that we'd used to create the RLOs and most of them could say which ones they would use specifically for courses they run. I feel that this is a win-win situation, as we're the ones doing all the work, customising RLOs and then we just hand them over to academics to use - how could they resist?

I suppose the important battle is making them see how important the skills training is in the first place. So, it's plugging into the fact that their students need to know how to set up a proxy server from their PC in Belguim or need a brief refresher on referencing. Find out the gaps and fill them with interesting, interactive stuff.

We've sent out a follow up email asking them for slightly more formal feedback with their top 3 choice of RLOs. Then we can set about arranging the logistics of using them with students and assessing their usefulness.

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